Welcome to the Edinburgh Branch of the Embroiderers Guild.

Easy Knitted Poppy Instructions

Size 6 needles or near. Red double knitting wool (100g £1 in pound shops makes about 18)

Cast on 52 stitches

8 rows of rib - 2 plain 2 purl

Rows 9, 10, 11 k2tog

Run darning needle through remaining stitches to draw up and sew seam. Pull to flatten.

Add dark button, circle of felt or fabric, thick wool to make centre. 5-6 ins diameter is ideal.

It would be really helpful to attach a safety pin or approx.10cm wire tie to the back of the poppy to attach it to netting.


Monthly Stitching in the Scottish National Gallery

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month we will be stitching in this beautiful venue, working on pieces inspired by works of art in the Scottish collection.

You can watch, ask questions or bring along your own pieces and enjoy stitching with like-minded people.

Why not add a few stitches to the communal piece devised especially in celebration of the reopening of the Scottish collection at the Scottish National Gallery.

Drop in to one of the Wednesday sessions (each run between 10:30am and 3:30pm)


The images below show some of the projects being worked on during the Monthly Stitching at the Gallery

Chairman's Challenge 2016/2017

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Textile Journey Books

The Textile Journey Books are shaping up nicely, some titles are proving more of a challenge than others but it's inspiring to see how others have interpreted the theme.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the wonderful contributions already completed.


The Paisley Project

Thank you to everyone who has made paisley motifs for this project; we have sent 23 to be included in the hanging that will be unveiled at the Scottish Regional Day.

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